Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity, Procrastination, Impulsivity, Poor Judgment, Trouble with Follow Through, Social Skill Difficulties, Sexual Impulsivity, Low Motivation.


The ADHD Profile

ADHD is a biological condition that has a very consistent set of symptoms.  The symptoms are a part of the condition and not a reflection of the person's character or value system.  These symptoms include having trouble getting started on tedious tasks, struggling to complete tasks, making impulsive decisions, not considering the consequences of actions, sexual indiscretion, social skill deficits, and trouble with motivation.  Each person may have a different collection of symptoms and a different amount of life impact.  There are effective treatments, including medication and skills, to help.

adhd treatments

  • Medication - Most people with diagnosed ADHD take medication for some part of their life.
  • Behavioral Interventions - Skills to intervene on impulsive urges can help reduce negative consequences
  • Structure - Some people with ADHD benefit from adding structure to their daily routine
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy - This helps address problematic thinking patterns
  • Social Skills Training - Some people have trouble fitting in socially with peers and social skills training can work.
  • Sexual Interventions - Sexual problems sometimes are present with ADHD and there are good interventions for these.
  • Family Education - Parents raising a child with ADHD can benefit from information and support