Coming Out Process, Family of Origin Grieving, Internalized Homophobia, Identity Exploration, Transgender Continuum Issues, Evidence-Based LGBTQ Couple Therapy, Sexuality & Asexuality,  Family Planning and Fertility, Lifestyle Communities.

Support, validation, and love through the lifetime

Living a happy, healthy and connected life as a member of the LGBTQ community has definitely gotten easier and definitely still includes many levels of grieving and hardship.  Although our community in the Twin Cities is vibrant and active, individuals have decades of experience behind them that may not have been affirming and loving.  Issues related to gender, marriage, political and social discrimination / marginalization, and family planning continue to make members of our community experience added stress at critical life phases.  I work hard to be current on the issues in the community, particularly in the Transgender community, as it has experienced much growth and change recently.  I am a cisgender bisexual female (pronouns she/her) and a member of the MN LGBT Therapist Network.

Approaches I use with LGBTQ clients

  • Affirmation of sexual orientation / gender identity / pronoun use - This shouldn't have to be specified, but many individuals experience invalidation or misunderstanding of their identities and it is critical that they feel seen and understood in therapy.
  • Identity Exploration - At certain times in their lives, individuals in the LGBTQ community explore their emotional, gender, and sexual feelings and identity as well as their fears and anxieties related to these.  
  • Emotion Focused Couple Therapy - A practice with evidence of effectiveness with LGBTQ couples.
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Helps explore negative and inaccurate thinking patterns that affect your mood and self-esteem.
  • Teaching Relationship Negotiation Skills - Learning to expect and negotiate for loving, equal, and respectful treatment in relationships.
  • Healing Developmental Trauma - Exploration of experiences from childhood, family of origin, peer groups and the effects of those experiences.
  • Supporting you Creating a Family - LGBTQ families are begun through many means.  I have extensive experience with fertility interventions and the medical and emotional effects that come with those.  I can help couples cope and learn skills to support one another during this exhilarating and stressful time.