Harsh Conflicts, Low Marital Satisfaction, Feeling Distant, Unsolvable Conflicts, Birth of a Child, Empty Nest, Grief and Loss, Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, Trouble Negotiating Satisfying Marriage, Divorce 



Research-Based Couples Counseling

There are marriage assessments and interventions that are based on research and have been shown to be effective.  This therapy system consists of assessing your marriage,  identifying areas of strength and areas for attention, and committing to marriage-strengthening exercises.  This approach is most effective if both partners are invested and willing to do the work together.  One partner can also begin the process alone and learn much about their own relationship patterns.

Couples Counseling Techniques

  • History - Learning about your marriage and your respective parents' marriages
  • Assessment - Identifying areas of strength and areas that need attention in the marriage
  • Teaching - This therapy requires that you review what the research says about marriage satisfaction
  • Mindfulness - In this phase, you pay attention to your interactions and identify where to focus your efforts
  • Skill Learning - In this phase, you learn marriage-enhancing skills
  • Practice - In this phase, you actively practice marriage-enhancing skills and avoid marriage-harming behaviors.
  • Therapist support - My role in your process is to assess, guide, teach, explain, validate, model, and coach during your marriage work.