Excessive use of Pornography, Compulsive Sexuality (Sexual "Addiction"), Feeling Powerless over Sexual Urges, Patterned Infidelity, Sexual Attraction to Minors,  Viewing or Making Pornography Depicting Minors, Risky or Illegal Sexual Behaviors, Exposing or Urges to Expose, Sexual Urges or Actions that are Embarrassing or Confusing, Discomfort with Sexual Identity or Orientation, Sexual Functioning Problems.



When Sex is Causing Trouble

Many people struggle with sexual problems such as those listed above.  Often, people fear that no one will understand (sometimes they don't even understand!). They fear they will be rejected if they tell anyone, particularly their partner. If they have engaged in illegal behavior, they know there may be consequences.They may be caught in addictive behavior and may not be thinking clearly about their actions. Sexual urges are very powerful and the pleasure they bring is as intense as the desire to stop - often stronger.  There are very effective treatments for sexual problems.  I have worked for many years helping individuals overcome the problems listed above.   

*Mandated Reporting* Please be aware that I am a mandated reporter.  If you choose to tell me you have committed sexual harm and you identify the victim by name or other identifying information, I am required to notify the authorities.  If you are currently committing sexually harmful behaviors, please read the page titled "Sexual Abuse."  The person you are abusing is likely suffering many harmful effects.  Please stop the abuse now and seek help.

Treatment for Sexual Problems

  • Compulsive Sexual Behavior- Treatment for this behavior pattern has some similarities with addiction treatment.
  • Risky Sexual Behaviors- This treatment involves identifying the goals being met with these behavior and developing alternatives
  • Attraction to minors - While sexual attraction to adolescents is biologically normal, acting on it is harmful.  Therapy helps you learn and implement interventions for such thoughts and urges.
  • Exposing- People who expose often have much trouble controlling the urge, even after criminal charges.  There are Cognitive Behavioral interventions.
  • Feeling powerless over sex - Sometimes people feel about sex like some people feel about smoking or eating - the urges seem uncontrollable, even when they try to use control.
  • Sexual Functioning- Often there is a psychological component to erectile dysfunction or difficulty achieving orgasm.  
  • Sexual Identity & Orientation - Society, religion, and families still send hateful messages about different sexual expression. People usually benefit from support through the process of accepting and sharing an LGBT orientation.