Personality Style, Personality Disorders, Codependency, Behavior Patterns learned from family,  Relationship Patterns that don't work. 


Personality and Your Relationships

Personality is developed throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood.  Family, environment, and emotional factors help shape each of our unique personalities.  Sometimes patterns of behavior that were effective in your family aren't effective in other groups.  Sometimes the strategies you developed  to meet your needs backfire.  Therapy consists of examining the factors that shaped your behavior patterns and personality.  Then we work to adjust behavior patterns that don't work.  You can make tremendous improvement in your relationships through these changes.

Personality an behavior pattern work

  • Family of Origin work - This kind of therapy spends time reviewing the formative influences of childhood
  • Review of relationship patterns - This work helps to identify effective and non-effective patterns in your relationships 
  • Specific Skill Development - Working on the specific skills that will improve your relationships (assertiveness, empathy, communication, etc)
  • Education - I have educational materials on each personality style that help you understand yours
  • Practice- You have been operating on this behavior pattern for a long time and it takes practice to change these patterns
  • Mindfulness - This skill helps slow down interactions and notice your thoughts, needs, and feeings