Anxiety, Ruminating, Insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Social Anxiety, Phobias, Chronic Worry, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Panic Attacks, Adjustment to life events, Depression with Anxiety.


Impact of High Anxiety 

When you experience a lot of anxiety or a moderate amount for a long time, it can have harmful effects on your quality of life, functioning, and relationships.  Anxiety can be caused by genetics, hormones, medical conditions or medication, family learning, life events, chronic stressors, and personality.  People who have high anxiety can see their work performance decrease, their relationships fall into distress, and their health decline.  Sometimes they are so preoccupied with the anxiety that they can't fully see the impact. They sometimes avoid or don't enjoy social activities because of their anxiety.  It is also very common for people with high anxiety to fear medication and avoid it whenever possible.  There are many effective treatments for anxiety conditions.

treatment for anxiety

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy - There are techniques to change thinking patterns that maintain anxiety.
  • Trauma Therapy - To process and heal from past traumatic events
  • Panic Disorder Treatment - There is a specific treatment for this that is quite effective
  • Social Skill Training - to increase social skill and confidence
  • Sleep Hygiene - Very helpful techniques to reduce insomnia
  • Medication - Extremely effective in reducing anxiety disorder symptoms