Coolidge Counseling Services


Jennifer Coolidge, MA, LPCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor


I am a Master's level counselor and have 18 years of clinical experience treating adults and couples.  My specializations are outlined on this site.  I employ techniques that are proven effective through research so my clients get the most out of their time and resources.  My style is warm and collaborative.  You can expect to feel cared for and supported while you work through whatever brought you to counseling.  My experience is that people usually call for therapy when they are in distress.  With that in mind, I aim to quickly identify what is causing trouble and get started on interventions.  This usually helps people feel like they are back in control and on the road to resolving the problem.   My therapy style usually involves offering reading or work to do in between sessions for people who are willing. For many people, that helps their changes go more quickly and helps them feel like they are getting more out of their treatment than one weekly session. You can review a bit about my approaches to treatment on the specializations pages.